Monday, June 13, 2011

What's In a Name?

I am a girl named Ryan…
I am sure many of you know why, but for those who do not know me as well, let me explain... 

First of all, I have a twin brother.  I am sure 98% of people are aware of that fact, but we are separated by 3000 miles, so it is possible that someone may not be in the know.  His name is Christian.  He is awesome.  I will be writing all about him and his wife later in the week.

Aside from the fact that my mom always wanted a girl named Ryan, it also goes hand in hand with having my brother’s name be what it is.  Had we both been girls neither of us would have been named Ryan and if we had both been boys neither of us would have been named Christian.  It was about the combination of our names for my parents.  Ryan for a girl means “Passion.”  The obvious inclination of Christian’s name begs the question of what was intended with the dual name meanings.  My parents wanted us to have a Passion for Christ and named us accordingly.  I can say with assuredness we both passionately love Christ and are working to grasp who He is daily.

Being a girl named Ryan growing up, was never easy.  Christian and I had our names switched in the yearbook at a young age, and I constantly needed someone to back me up to verify that, in fact, my name was really what i claimed it was.  Adults and children alike teased me and gave me a hard time. 

However, as I grow into adulthood and learn the significance my name carries, it reminds me of Biblical times when peoples name held deep meaning and brought them into the rest of their life story.  They always exhibited the intention of their name, and I pray to fulfill the desire my parent’s had for the intention of mine.

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