Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sneak Peak of My New Place...

Honestly, moving is exhausting.  I still have not recovered and we did the actual move on Saturday!  Sorry these pictures are sort of out of focus, I just snapped a few quick ones on my phone so you could get a little teaser of how it is coming together!  We are really excited and should be at 100% this weekend!

Bill came over on Saturday morning and brought us these lovely flowers and a sweet little card.  That boy was such a stud this weekend and did everything in his power to make sure our move went as smoothe as possible.  I love these yellows and oranges :)  Very summer and very happy!

This is my little corner of the world!  I love my bedside table which is newly painted (and was donated by Bill's aunt Gayle).  Something about the orange really does it for me.  There is a pictures of me and bill, a map of Baltimore, and a canvas my sweet little sister Joy made me for Christmas.  That Tiffany lamp is broken in 2 places, but it will never leave me.  Everytime I look at it I smile.  The base of the lamp was my grandpa's and I always think of him when clicking on and off the light.  This part of our apartment will always be dear to me.  It reminds me of people I love and places I miss.

Oh how much I love these little canvases.  They could not bring my heart mror joy!  Again, this picture is fuzzy, but the little pear and these little canvases add a little color to our lives and make both Mikaela and I so happy just to be cooking!

Sorry that is all I have for you today!  Don't worry, once everything is set up you will get more pictures and more details.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I second about Bill being a stud! Thanks for the flowers Bill! And for continuing the help with your dad this week. You've been man enough for both us girls this week! :)

  2. My bed! Looks fantastic lady :D