Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Want to Hear Your Story.

I find something wonderfully therapeutic about writing memoirs.  I have entered a few memoir competitions (and haven't won YET - but don't worry you will find out when I do!), and been journaling and writing for years and years.  I do not think it is something in some personalities and not in others, I think it is a decision to get in touch with the emotion of an event that still effects you; whether that effect is negative or positive.

I would encourage everyone to write out and try to verbalize their emotions on paper when it comes to hurtful or life altering events.  It is healthy and motivating and something more people should do.  I wish there was a job that encouraged people to get in touch with what is doing on inside of them - with the exception of a psychiatrist.  I just want people to understand their worth.  I want them to know that they are amazing and that their stories matter.

What is your story?  Email me your memoirs.  It is a dream to publish a book of my own memoirs, and I have started a list of stories to include.  Honestly, everyone has stories to tell.  I want to hear yours.

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