Monday, June 20, 2011

Here's to the Strange, the Fun, and the Smiles that they Bring...

Bill and I went curling for our birthday a few months ago, and when we did we realized that there are hundreds and thousands of people across the country and the world that are really into curling.  They have brooms, special shoes, and a specific technique to "pebble" the ice so people don't fall.  There a ton of little intricacies in so many facets to learn about this game.  That is always the case with all activities.  Avid people know all the details.  These people go every week and are in leagues and are professional curlers.  Have you ever gone curling?  Isn't it so random!  

There are a million sports and activities like that.  I want to highlight a few today, and try to remember how much joy they bring into different people's lives.  We were all created differently, and God has given each person something to bring a smile to our face.  

While I have no desire to collect autographs, there are millions of people who will buy autographs off people and have enormous collections of signatures laminated and posted all over the walls.  They can't wait to meet celebrities and rockstars and have evidence of that.  Their fascination with other peoples lives fascinates me.

Croquet is so fun!... And people are SOO into it.  There are tournaments and leagues and people who make it there biggest hobby in their spare time.  This game is good old fashioned fun and is so gender and family friendly.  I love something you can do in your own backyard!  

Maple Syrup tasting is a huge deal in some places.  I can only imagine it being similar to one of those infused balsamic and infused olive oil stores where you walk around a get the sample cups and taste a dab of oil or mustard or balsamic.  They each have their own taste and method and people love these events and plan their years around them!

War re-enactors are not something have come into contact with very much, although I did visit colonial Williamsburg and many a battle field with my dad growing up.  Many individuals enjoying re-living these pivotal moments in history in their free time and will do so every weekend as a hobby or a source of income.  A lot goes into these productions and it makes me happy to know that a man could really find this so enjoyable he wants to continue to do it over and over so others can understand the course of history.

In my opinion, I saved the best for last! I love love love Chinese checkers, but I can never find anyone who wants to play :(  It is so well designed and makes me so happy with the colors and the fact that you can talk the whole time you play.  I just enjoy this game, and I know there are millions of people out there who also do.  

What is your crazy hobby?  or Do you know something who has a crazy hobby? 
Tell me about it!

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