Thursday, June 16, 2011

C & C

Christian and Cristina... I love them dearly.  This is my twin and his wife.  Bill and I got to spend a lot of time with them while we were in Maryland and it was great to sit and talk and be the adults we are growing into.  Hearing about Christian's new job and being around for Cristina's promotion made me wish I could be there for more of the big moments in their lives.  

Cristina has become such a good friend of mine.  She makes me laugh and gets excited about hilarious things - like funnel cake and puppies and babies and more than anything, weddings!  She has a contagious energy, and when she is in a good mood everyone around her knows and feels it.  She really tries to meet me where I am with no judgement. I love spending time with her and I wish I could do so more often.  She makes me laugh and cries with me and is such a wonderful addition to the Wecker clan.  

I love you Cristina!

Christian's wisdom is undeniable.  His span of knowledge amazes people on a consistent basis.  His listening skills amaze me and he always really hears what I am trying to say and responds with great advice.  I love that he is genuine.  His sense of humor is phenomenal.  He cares so much and wants people to feel comfortable.  We do share a twin bond that is hard to explain, but I sincerely love just being around him.  I am so proud to not just call him my brother, but to also be able to call him my womb-ie.

I miss you all the time Christian.  You inspire me.

Thank you guys for letting us stay with on our trip and for opening your home to us.  Thanks for making an effort to get to know Bill better and for being patient with our crazy schedule.  

Love you both :)

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  1. Ryan we love you too!! We really hope you and Bill can meet up with us in Vegas, because we can't wait to make more memories with you two!