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Sneak Peak of My New Place...

Honestly, moving is exhausting.  I still have not recovered and we did the actual move on Saturday!  Sorry these pictures are sort of out of focus, I just snapped a few quick ones on my phone so you could get a little teaser of how it is coming together!  We are really excited and should be at 100% this weekend! Bill came over on Saturday morning and brought us these lovely flowers and a sweet little card.  That boy was such a stud this weekend and did everything in his power to make sure our move went as smoothe as possible.  I love these yellows and oranges :)  Very summer and very happy! This is my little corner of the world!  I love my bedside table which is newly painted (and was donated by Bill's aunt Gayle).  Something about the orange really does it for me.  There is a pictures of me and bill, a map of Baltimore, and a canvas my sweet little sister Joy made me for Christmas.  That Tiffany lamp is broken in 2 places, but it will never leave me.  Everytime I look at it I

A Plea to be Sincere and Genuine

 There is no “Road to Happiness,” and I find it infuriating that people are always saying…”When I get this” or “when I do that”… “then I will be happy.”   I wish everyone knew that there is no key to happiness (outside of faith, which invites a whole host of other things to tackle).   I want to start by explaining my rather extreme opinion… anything can be conquered.   SO many people claim unhappiness, but I think happiness and unhappiness are equal decisions.   Contentment can be found in sickness or in health and for richer or for poorer.   No one deserves anything.   I am tired of hearing people say that they are not getting what they deserve.   What we NEED versus what we WANT has become a gray area.   I am just as guilty as anyone else, but I never want to be the rich man who wouldn’t give up his possessions to follow Christ.   Our “stuff” must be meaningless to us.   It can make us smile and bring us back, but it should never be more important than the people in our lives.   Th

I Hope To Be Contagiously Wonderful...

Whenever I see a painting like this I try to remember how important it is to have my own style.   While I do have my own specific methods, it is absolutely difficult for me to have an idea in my mind that is 100% original.   This painting is a couple walking in the rain, yet it brightens your mood.   Generally I find inclement weather paintings to be dreary and calming (in a good way).   However, this one finds a way to be an upper and gives me energy from first glance because of the colors and general composition! I can only hope someone would see something I created and think similar thoughts.   I hope someone will be blown away by something I created – although, I guess the point is to just create for me.   If it makes me smile it is worth it!   Maybe I should shift my desire to please others in all areas f my life, but then I wouldn’t be me.   So… I guess the lesson I am learning as I type this, is that everything comes back to my genetic predisposition to make everyone around me

Food I Ate Friday - The Bruery

The Bruery  is a lovely little establishment in the Orange circle - or as the older generation calls it - the Plaza.  Bill and a few of his fantastic cousins and I went here on Saturday evening and were pleasantly surprised with this little joint.  They had wonderful presentation of the beers in small belgian style glasses on wooden racks to hold a sampler of five.  It smells fresh and is really open.  The prices range from $3-$8 for a flight and each one is different and unique moving from lighter to darker beers. I know this is called "Food I Ate Friday," but I guess today should be "Stuff I Drank Friday" because the only thing I had here was a tiny $2 bowl of black and green olives.  However, I wanted to give this place recognition.  They really have something special going on, but it is hard to put your finger on.  It is just relaxing.  The beers and wine selection are both great and the descriptions for each beer on the menu are long and give you a

I Love Sunflowers

I don't have a lot to say today, except that I love sunflowers.  I know this sunflower is a bit outrageous, but when I saw it from across the lovely home goods store, I had to run over and embrace it.  It made me so happy and brightened my day.  The huge smile on my face is not just for your sake! I think it is extremely important to get excited about little things in life.  So, while this post may seem silly and even a little boring, I want to challenge you this coming weekend to do something just because it makes you smile.  Whatever your giant sunflower is, walk across the store and take a picture with it (figuratively speaking of course)!   What flower do you love?  and What silly little thing made you smile this week?

I Want to Hear Your Story.

I find something wonderfully therapeutic about writing memoirs.  I have entered a few memoir competitions (and haven't won YET - but don't worry you will find out when I do!), and been journaling and writing for years and years.  I do not think it is something in some personalities and not in others, I think it is a decision to get in touch with the emotion of an event that still effects you; whether that effect is negative or positive. I would encourage everyone to write out and try to verbalize their emotions on paper when it comes to hurtful or life altering events.  It is healthy and motivating and something more people should do.  I wish there was a job that encouraged people to get in touch with what is doing on inside of them - with the exception of a psychiatrist.  I just want people to understand their worth.  I want them to know that they are amazing and that their stories matter. What is your story?  Email me your memoirs.  It is a dream to publish a book of my ow

Orange You Glad?

I love Etsy .   Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers. Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice. Buy, Sell, and live handmade. If you have never spent any time on the website, peek around it.  It has tons of wonderful handmade things, and even if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea - you would be surprised what people can make with their bare hands!   I have been really into orange lately.  Maybe it is the summer and maybe it is the fact that the color lightens my heart a little.  Either way, I painted a dresser orange yesterday and I found this collection of items on Etsy that are all orange as well.   Hope you love them as much as I do!

Here's to the Strange, the Fun, and the Smiles that they Bring...

Bill and I went curling for our birthday a few months ago, and when we did we realized that there are hundreds and thousands of people across the country and the world that are really into curling.  They have brooms, special shoes, and a specific technique to "pebble" the ice so people don't fall.  There a ton of little intricacies in so many facets to learn about this game.  That is always the case with all activities.  Avid people know all the details.  These people go every week and are in leagues and are professional curlers.  Have you ever gone curling?  Isn't it so random!   There are a million sports and activities like that.  I want to highlight a few today, and try to remember how much joy they bring into different people's lives.  We were all created differently, and God has given each person something to bring a smile to our face.   While I have no desire to collect autographs, there are millions of people who will buy autographs off people and have

Food I Ate Friday - How to Pick a Crab

One of favorite things to do in Maryland is a crab feast.  If you are not from Maryland, you don't know what's up with crab feasts.  You may think you do, but honestly it's a Maryland thing.  I will talk you through it in pictures here, but you really need the ice cold beer, old bay all over your hands, and piles of crabs on the table in front of you.  I pray you each can experience this at some point in your life :) This piece of the crab is called the "key" by most.  Sometimes you need a knife to get under it, but you want to get under it and pull it towards you. As you pull it towards you you will start to feel a little resistance. Break through that resistance and use the momentum to break into the other half of the crab as you pull all the shell off the top. It will look like this when the shell is off. This is the part no one likes (as you can tell by Bill's facial expression), but you must clean out the crab.  Pull

C & C

Christian and Cristina... I love them dearly.  This is my twin and his wife.  Bill and I got to spend a lot of time with them while we were in Maryland and it was great to sit and talk and be the adults we are growing into.  Hearing about Christian's new job and being around for Cristina's promotion made me wish I could be there for more of the big moments in their lives.   Cristina has become such a good friend of mine.  She makes me laugh and gets excited about hilarious things - like funnel cake and puppies and babies and more than anything, weddings!  She has a contagious energy, and when she is in a good mood everyone around her knows and feels it.  She really tries to meet me where I am with no judgement. I love spending time with her and I wish I could do so more often.  She makes me laugh and cries with me and is such a wonderful addition to the Wecker clan.   I love you Cristina! Christian's wisdom is undeniable.  His span of knowledge amazes peo

The Leaders of the Pack...

There is no better example of selfless love than my parents.  They have made me the person that I am.  Both my mother and my father pursue God with their hearts and heads and life.  They taught me to lay down my wants to meet everyone else’s needs, as best I can.  The way they love each other is forgiving and understanding, while being honest and challenging.  I have learned so much from them over the years and continue to learn more everyday – from a distance and when I have the honor of being in their presence. They have taught me every fruit of the spirit in different ways – love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Giving beyond measure, stretching to the point of exhaustion, and doing whatever it takes to ensure those you love are safe and fed are things they have instilled deeply in my soul.   They are the leaders of our family and they take the time to really understand each of us.  I am constantly amazed by the way they lo

Fells Point and Federal Hill

In honor of my trip last week, this week is all things Maryland!  Fells Point and Federal Hill are two areas in the city of Baltimore that I love.  Pictured above is Fells Point and pictured below is Federal Hill.  They are full on wonderful book stores, home decor places, coffee shops, and little mom and pop restaurants and bars.  The people say “hon” and pronounce things in little nuances that you would never notice if you didn’t grow up around it.  They serve soft serve ice cream and there are Baltimore orioles t-shirts everywhere you glance.  People aren't trying so hard. The bustle about the streets and the humidity causing beads of sweat to run down my back honestly do make me feel at home.  The cool breeze coming off the water takes the edge off and the smell of old bay and vinegar wafts through the air. I love it.  I breathe it all in slowly, realizing it is different in the winter time when I go home for Christmas.  The city takes on a different look, and it is b

What's In a Name?

I am a girl named Ryan… I am sure many of you know why, but for those who do not know me as well, let me explain...  First of all, I have a twin brother.  I am sure 98% of people are aware of that fact, but we are separated by 3000 miles, so it is possible that someone may not be in the know.  His name is Christian.  He is awesome.  I will be writing all about him and his wife later in the week. Aside from the fact that my mom always wanted a girl named Ryan, it also goes hand in hand with having my brother’s name be what it is.  Had we both been girls neither of us would have been named Ryan and if we had both been boys neither of us would have been named Christian.  It was about the combination of our names for my parents.  Ryan for a girl means “Passion.”  The obvious inclination of Christian’s name begs the question of what was intended with the dual name meanings.  My parents wanted us to have a Passion for Christ and named us accordingly.  I can say with assuredness w

Old Food I Ate Friday Posts

I am going to start posting Food I Ate Friday's on the main page, but in rememberance of everything that was on that tab, here is it all! I know that it seems like I am excited about everything - art, books, people, love, life, and photography; but nothing holds a candle to my excitement about food (maybe too bold a statement, but it was for dramatic effect) – also, I AM excited about everything.  I am a declared foodie and I have no shame.   I love going out to eat and trying new things, I love sharing food and experiencing a bunch of flavors and dishes at one place, and I really love a unique concept in the restaurant industry.  Every Friday I will post about Food – My goal is to get comfortable doing restaurant reviews, recipe posts (that’s right I cook too), and general posts about food depending on the flavor of the week (literally).  This Page (like everything else on my blog), will get me more comfortable with my inclination for writing and also organize my pass
Happy Friday Everyone! I will be in Maryland Monday and Tuesday... upon my return I hope to have lots to share!  Sorry for the second week in a row of no "Food I Ate Fridays", but I promise a good one next week.  Thanks for your patience with me and I look forward to filling you in on my trip home with my boy to see my wonderful family and friends. 

Birthday's, Boats and Beautifulness

For Mikaela's 24th birthday last weekend we rented a duffy boat for an hour and cruised around Newport Harbor.  From the very first inclination of the idea, I was excited, but I did not give it away.  I generally let my excitement be known, but this time I decided to hold in it and not get carried away.  As soon as we pulled away from the dock, I gave into it.  It could not longer be contained - this was SO wonderful. We laughed, we toasted with mimosas, we answered hypothetical questions, enjoyed the freshest of air and we looked out over the beautiful clear day that God had provided us.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at The Counter and a Nerts Tournament to follow at our apartment.  Not to mention a blackberry 3 Heart Tart that everyone whole heartedly enjoyed. The gloriousness and relaxing environment that we experienced as a group of eight cannot be expressed in words.  It was one hour and fifteen minutes of pure friendship bliss, and truly one of the most o