Monday, May 16, 2011

Spotlight on Cost Plus - World Market

I do not want to describe everywhere I shop as a spiritual experience or a Zen like atmosphere… but it is my natural inclination to do so.  Shopping, to some, is a stressful experience.  I aim to choose stores that I feel no worry or pressure.  Cost Plus – World market does just that.  It relaxes me, without boring me.  The constantly changing collections stay seasonally relevant while having a specific stylistic edge, that would make anyone want to be there for hours.  The art, furniture, jewelry, curtains, food, wine, and décor all fits a home that wants to use bright colors, but stay warm and classy.

I think what I love about Cost Plus - World Market is that if you have spent time abroad previous to shopping there, it reaches out and hugs you.  It has knick knacks and treats that are either from where you lived or reminders of where you lived.  It makes me smile and remember times I spent wandering the streets of Venice or sitting in a coffee shop in Florence.  I know others who have had overseas experiences relate to this situation and think fondly of their time overseas when confronted with items that directly appear in their memories.  It has different pieces reminiscent of different cultures and even the patterns and textures remind me of Italy, Ireland, Uganda, Rwanda and other places with unique cultural definitions.

If you can’t tell, it is one of my favorite stores.  If travel is not your thing and you are not inspired by different cultures, I would not include this in your “to do” list, but if those things put a smile on your face, I’m begging you to take a look at the store.  The online version doesn’t do it for me, the ambiance of the store is what makes it all so wonderful.  Let me know what you think!

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