Monday, May 9, 2011

Mikaela Holford, Ladies and Gentlemen...

There are many people in my life you have heard nothing about – my family, Bill, and a few friends are the only ones mentioned here.  I promised a few weeks back to highlight some close friends and since then have only highlighted the beautiful Ashley Wells.  Let’s consider this highlight #2!

Mikaela Holford is one of the best friends I have ever had.  She is a literally whirlwind of motivation and energy.  She is so supportive, loving, encouraging,   and wonderful.  For those of you who do not know, Mikaela is my roommate and this is the second time we have lived together.  I had never met her when I first moved to California, but I was placed with her at random through Vanguard, and I know that it was one of God’s many plans for our lives.  While she did not think she wanted a new roommate upon my arrival, what she did not realize was how much we needed each other.  Over the course of the last few years, she has changed my life singlehandedly.  Her family is like family to me, she is like a sister to me, and her heart for me and the rest of the people in her circle astounds me. 

If I have a bad day, there are flowers at home for me.  She is constantly leaving me notes and cards reminding me I am loved.  If she knows my week is stressful she offers to help pick things up or drop things off.  She literally runs errands for me.  She is such a considerate friend and confidant.  I trust her with my life in the most serious way.  She understands me in a way few people do, and she is really intuitive in knowing when I will need her.  She knows things about me very few people know, and while some of that is our proximity to each other, a lot of it has to do with us having personalities that mesh and souls that find rest in the other.  We play cards, cook, watch old musicals, drink tea, get fro-yo, go on walks, read books together, day dream out loud to each other, talk as we get ready every morning, get dressed up, be lazy, and spend more time than you would believe simply talking.  I know her, in some ways, better than I know myself.

She inspires me daily and I would not be the same person without her…
I would less of a person without her.  

Mikaela, I pray for you everyday and I thank God for you everyday.  You are SO important to me and I honestly cannot imagine God teaching me more through anyone else.  Thank you for your honesty and accountability.  Thanks you for your prayers and persistence in growth.  You challenge me in the best ways.  You are an answer to my prayers and someone I will always love and pray to know until the day we die.  Thank you for everything you do.  I love you lady!


  1. What a blessing your friendship is! And I have reaped some of the benefits! Love you Ryan!

  2. You're my favorite. Thanks for always building me up, encouraging me, and being best friend a girl could ask for. Love you!