Monday, May 23, 2011

I Want More Patterns in My Life!

Ok, normally I resist trends simply for the sake of them being a trend, and this is no exception.  I do not like patterns and prints because they are popular, I like them because they are fantastic.  I hope you enjoy these pictures and bring more patterns into your life.

I'm not sure if this is popular, but I personally love the idea!  I would much rather wallpaper behind some shelves then an entire wall.  I like that it limits the overwhelmingness some wallpaper can bring, while allowing the bright color and pattern to be present in the room all the same.  While I would choose to do shelves in this bold way, others may choose to only use one pattern.  

Everyone seems to have a cute apron these days, and most stores sell them.  While I rarely catch a friend wearing her patterned kitchen frock, I love the idea of doing so!  I solemnly swear to make an effort to wear mine more!  You should get one of your own and wear it too.

There is a special place in my heart for home decor, and I these lamp shades make me SO happy.  The color and the patterns add a little extra to a room, without being too much.  I love the light yellow lamp paired with the blue and yellow shade.  It makes my heart light to see something so bright yet delicate.

What patterns do you love? 

Is there something in your home that makes your heart light every time you see it?

Have I thanked you recently for reading?!?

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