Thursday, May 5, 2011

I have recently discovered why I love old movies.   It is the weight of the kiss.  You feel the connection so much and the girl swoons and the guy pursues and they fall hard.  The kiss simply seals the deal.  One kiss changes everything in an old movie.  The man sits and stares out a window day dreaming of the woman he kissed the night before.  He can’t think of anything else.  He even sings about it!  He thinks she is the most beautiful thing in the whole world.  She sings to her friends of the man she met who takes her breath away.  Sigh… I want this for all of my friends! 

While singing and dancing movies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, everyone loves genuine attraction and that first kiss to be magical.  We all want someone to love us so much they cannot help but sing and dance (figuratively of course) and tell everyone about it – We want them to feel like they cannot sit still, like they are bursting and like they are the luckiest person in the world. 

There is something so wonderful and innocent about each of the moments shown above.  Dancing and kissing and genuine attraction and love.  They fall for each other in real life, not in a sleezy bar where all they see is legs and get drunk together and then you see a shot of them waking up next to each other in the morning feeling awkward and unsure what to do next.  When you watch a movie now, sex changes everything.  Back in these innocent movie days, a kiss was the most forward thing a man could do. 

I think this all hit me recently when I was watching a movie and I just kept thinking about how intimacy is ruined for our society as a whole.  It started with a one night stand leaving someone’s apartment and I got sad that people live like that.  I want to tread lightly, as I do not know who will read this; but in one respect I want to be very clear.  Intimacy is undervalued in Hollywood and being intentional with our affection is something not practiced in our society.  I want my life to be like an old movie – not in an naïve way, in the way that I deserve a man’s affection, attention, and genuine love.   My prayer is that the women I have the honor of coming in contact with find their value in themselves and in their God and let intimacy enter their lives when they are ready to give their full attention to one man.  I pray they find their own old movie filled with dancing and kissing and genuine attraction and love.

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