Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amazon Always Amazes...

I am not sure if it is lame in our society, but I have an Amazon Wish List.  It is full of books and movies and music and art and things that would inspire me if I had the funds to get to them.  Can something inspire you just in concept?  People tell me about wonderful books all the time and I feel like I do not have the time to read them or the funds to get them.  This cycle of hearing and lack of action on my part actually gets frustrating pretty quickly.  I feel guilty for not making time, but then when I make time to read books I can hang out with people less and I feel frustration from them that I would say I'm busy because I want to read my book - that sounds like a brush off if I've ever heard one... So that leaves me at a lose lose, and I hate that.

Pictured above are 4 books on my Amazon Wish List.  I listened to Gary Shteyngart on NPR speak on his book and became enraptured in his perspectives and ideals.  I have read quite a few reviews on Let the Great World Spin and have never heard anything even remotely close to negative - "brilliant" is usually mentioned at least once.  The Company They Kept is one I found in Anthropologie, and the concept is wonderful and awe inspiring - I stood in the middle of the store flipping page after page.  Lastly, Don't Let the Dogs Go Tonight caught me up in its description and was the first book I added to the list of books I wanted.  

Amazon has an unending supply of inspiration and is almost overwhelming in what it has to offer.  I hope I get to report on how much I loved each of these books as I finish reading them, but in the meantime I will just pine over the hope of reading them one day.

If you have head any of these books and want to send them my way, I would be mroe than happy to trade a book for a book with you! Let me know!

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