Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Should All Watch Ducks More Often...

There is something about this picture that stops me in my tracks.  I imagine what this man is thinking as he bakes in the sweet sunset next to the calm water.  I will never know anything about him, but I do know that his life has effected others lives.  We all effect others, whether we intend to or not.  I guess it makes me consider my own life; knowing that he is in the winter and I am still in the spring.  

He seems at peace watching the ducks float by and reflecting in one way or another.  I feel relaxed just resting in the warmth this photo brings.  I hope to take more photos that bring out this energy in me.  This day was pure perfection - it centered me and reminded me that the simpleness of life is what matters most to me.  Feeling grateful for life itself is something that should be my first thought in the mornings.  I won't wait until the final season of my time on this earth to sit and reflect and become aware of the way I am effecting others.  

I believe this man was sitting and dwelling on the great love he has for those in his circle and the happiness that overcomes his soul.  I already think of those things, and I can't imagine how much greater those emotions will be in 50 years.

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