Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Bye Maryland and Hello California

It's funny because I have lived here in California for 3 1/2 years, but Maryland still feels like home.  

When I go to Maryland, I have my family, my home church, my dad's restaurant.  People have known me since I was very small and I am familiar with everything around me.  I always know my way around and I have nostalgic memories of a million different places.  I have friends that I rarely have to explain myself too, they know me inside and out.  I breathe in the cool air and experience the seasons.  I curl up next to the fire and love the smells and feeling of the house I grew up in and the warped wood that creaks as I walk around the living room.  It is all so familiar.

When I am in California I have amazing friends who spur me on in the person who I have become and they have seen that growth since the time they met me.  I am surrounded by art and the sunshine.  The man I have fallen for is here and his family has welcomed into their lives.  I have my first full time job out of college with a real salary and 401k and a sense of pride when I walk in the door.  God has placed me in the right church with incredible people who honestly inspire me with their sincerity.

I guess it is possible that home is where the heart is, but what if my heart is divided?  Does familiarity and comfort equal home?  The future holds decisions.  I'm looking forward to a new chapter with someone by my side that is teaching me what selfless love is all about.  God really does do amazing things when we least expect it.

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