Friday, April 15, 2011

Color and Life Bring My Heart Home...

I have always resisted the term “nesting” as most people use it.  I think I want to avoid typical “womanly” domesticity.  I do not want to fall into this feminine role – I think life can be tackled in many different ways and none of them need to be while wearing an apron and a hoop skirt.  I don’t mind cleaning, I love cooking, flowers make me happy, and I love looking nice for my boy.  However, I do not think these are roles a woman has to fill necessarily, I just think they are things that people accept and are a part of life. 

With all this in mind, I approach my new found love for home design.  I find myself on hundreds of home design sites and I can’t stop thinking about how I would decorate my own house – What colors do I love? What unique elements do I want to incorporate? What flowers would I put in the garden?  I can picture it.  I can actually smell it, I can feel the fresh breeze blowing against my face from the kitchen window, I know exactly where my puppy will love to sit, I can see the avocado and lemon trees in the backyard, I can feel my window seat’s coziness where I sit and read… Sigh… How can I be present with this idea in my head?  It will be so wonderful.  One day…

In the meantime, I picture hominess, warmth, color, and life.  I want it all to be alive and bright and nothing to be dull and plain.  Life is too short to mute personality and passion.  

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