Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Give it Time...

Over the past few years alot has changed... This weeks photography project was "Time" and while I attempted to get wonderful pictures of clocks and things changing I kept reverting in my mind to how far I have come personally and collectively with some close friends.  

As I flash back to Italy/Ireland in 2007, DC in 2008, and Uganda in 2009 - My heart rushes with emotion.  It is 2011 and so much has changed, but even as time unfolds, my heart holds on to these dear memories. God is teaching me that time brings restoration, clarity of relationships, and often our hearts desires.

Picture Breakdown:

The First picture of Ireland brings me back to my passion for adventure.  That time spent in italy and Ireland changed my life and is the reason I was able to move to California - I had no fear of distance if I kept feeling like I was in the right place at the right time. 

The Second and Third pictures are of a trip I took home and then up to Philly with Bill... We were not dating yet, but giving it time meant that was possible and is such an amazing reality today.  I was able to love him in a selfless way and learn who he was apart from me, so when I did come into the picture I did not find the need to change him.  I had fallen for him just the way he was.

The Fourth picture represents relationships being restored over time.  Beth and I have come full circle and I love that girl with my whole heart (and always have), but sometimes people all need a little time to re-group and re-build - healing is a unique process, but I would not have wanted to go through it with anyone else.

The last picture is in Uganda, a place I will always hold dear.  It was on that trip that I realized what I was capable of and got in touch with the person I wanted to be versus the person I was.  Uganda marked a turning point for me and it changed my path towards the future.


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