Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Swam Across... I Jumped Across For You... Oh What A Thing To Do... 'Cause You Were All Yellow

As I begin a photo journey with some dear friends revolving around a new theme each week and 2-5 pictures being posted on our individual blogs, I started by taking pictures of my daily week on my phone to fit this weeks theme of "Yellow".  I will work harder to take great pictures, but this week I wanted you to see my life through simple, plain images of things that were not so special, but still a part of my days.  These were things that made me smile and in a strange way, got me through my week. 

This Week's Theme: Yellow

These sit in my bathroom and make me smile in the mornings.  They were the cake topper at a friend's wedding that I was in and they were at her rehearsal dinner for each member of the bridal party to take home.  I love them.

This cheesy danish surprise from a co-worker made my transition into a new office at work a little more bearable.  You see a silly picture of a pastry, I see my first day at my new desk.

Cade is such a special little boy.  People are wearing these bracelets to remember to pray for him as we join together as a community to support the Spinello's.  It is truly amazing how God works.

Trader Joes bathroom door - I know its strange, but as I closed the door and saw that it was yellow I thought of my dear friends doing this photography project with me and snapped a quick photo. 

Bill gave me these sunflowers for our 1-year anniversary.  I love that boy with all my heart.  He melts me and makes me laugh and smile.

I look forward to doing this photography project weekly with you all in the coming weeks/months/years.  This coming week's theme is "Let There Be Light".  I can't wait to see what we each come up with!


  1. oh hey coldplay lyrics.


    oh my goodness--- has it really been a year ?

    eeesh time flies.

  2. Indeed.

    Time does fly.

    When will I see you again? That question hang in the air for me and many people.

    You are beautiful.