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–noun   1. Supreme Happiness; Utter Joy or Contentment: Wedded Bliss. 2. Theology: the Joy of Heaven. 3. Heaven: Paradise: the Road to Eternal Bliss. 4. Archaic: a Cause of Great Joy or Happiness.  
Photography Project: Springtime. It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.  ~Charles Dickens
I want to do this...Now.
I love taking pictures of delicious food.   I am a product of a foodie family who owns restaurants and loves to pair wines. I have the perfect boyfriend who is up to the challenge of competing on who loved their food or drink more.  Breakfast is my favorite.

Ashley Wells

I want to highlight some of my wonderful friends over the coming weeks.  They each deserve it in their own amazing and unique ways. Ashley Wells, you have changed my life.  You make me see the world through rose colored glasses and you make a cup of tea and a book seem so exciting and fantastic.  Good music, good movies, and good conversation always feels best with you.  As I was downloading the pictures off my phone, I came across this one, and remembered the many times we have driven in my car and the altering talks those drives have brought about.  You always cause me to put on my brakes when I am being overly emotional and think rationally.  In a loving way, you remind me what is important and what I need to be focusing on. You are one of the best friends I have ever had and no amount of distance can change that.  Thank you for always keeping your word and keeping things between us.  Thank you for never faltering on our friendship and for always challenging me to work

Just Give it Time...

Over the past few years alot has changed... This weeks photography project was "Time" and while I attempted to get wonderful pictures of clocks and things changing I kept reverting in my mind to how far I have come personally and collectively with some close friends.   As I flash back to Italy/Ireland in 2007, DC in 2008, and Uganda in 2009 - My heart rushes with emotion.  It is 2011 and so much has changed, but even as time unfolds, my heart holds on to these dear memories. God is teaching me that time brings restoration, clarity of relationships, and often our hearts desires. Picture Breakdown: The First picture of Ireland brings me back to my passion for adventure.  That time spent in italy and Ireland changed my life and is the reason I was able to move to California - I had no fear of distance if I kept feeling like I was in the right place at the right time.  The Second and Third pictures are of a trip I took home and then up to Philly with Bill... We were not

"I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark" - Muhammed Ali

Over the course of this week I brought my camera with me everywhere and took fantastic pictures using light in different ways and I wanted to give them all you here and make you smile.   There was a beautiful bridge with light reflecting off the water, sunspots and pictures of Bill and I holding hands, and a beautiful sunset I captured on my way home one day.   Unfortunately, technology failed me and deleted all my hard work (not to mention all the pictures of my birthday) – so instead I will give you a sampling of pictures once again from my camera on my phone, and hope that next week I will not have such epic misfortune.   Love you each so much!   Missing you always. Every day at exactly 4:45pm this beam of light pierces my eyes and makes me run to shut the blinds in the office next to mine.  It makes me laugh and makes me mad in the same moment. On a recent day trip to San Diego I snapped this picture on my phone.  I love that there is not a cloud in the sky and I love the bird

I Swam Across... I Jumped Across For You... Oh What A Thing To Do... 'Cause You Were All Yellow

As I begin a photo journey with some dear friends revolving around a new theme each week and 2-5 pictures being posted on our individual blogs, I started by taking pictures of my daily week on my phone to fit this weeks theme of "Yellow".  I will work harder to take great pictures, but this week I wanted you to see my life through simple, plain images of things that were not so special, but still a part of my days.  These were things that made me smile and in a strange way, got me through my week.  This Week's Theme: Yellow These sit in my bathroom and make me smile in the mornings.  They were the cake topper at a friend's wedding that I was in and they were at her rehearsal dinner for each member of the bridal party to take home.  I love them. This cheesy danish surprise from a co-worker made my transition into a new office at work a little more bearable.  You see a silly picture of a pastry, I see my first day at my new desk. Cade is such a special little boy