Friday, January 28, 2011

Make A Wish

We all wish for things in different ways at different times, and mostly with our eyes closed.   As you view today's post remember the last wish you made and keep hope alive if it has not come true yet.  Timing is everything, and sometimes our answer is "wait".  Wishing is as important in life as dreaming - reality is debateable to the imagination :)

I will first begin with illustrating, as best I can, wanting something so badly that we take a deep breath, close our eyes, and initiate our desire. 

(Photo Credit: Pink Sherbert Photography)

( Photo Credit: Of Shooting Stars and Wishbones Blog)

(Photo Credit: the Tale of Two Tiny Dandelions Blog)

(Photo Credit: Corbis Images)

As with most photos on my page, I pull them from random places and rarely are they my own… I will include photo credits as best I can. 

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